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wineglassrakeIf your kitchen is rustic, this easy to do decorating trick may be useful for you. You probably have an old rake just laying around waiting for a new handle or just about to fall off its handle – you know the one I mean – the metal type with the curved tips. Instead of getting a a new handle, just re-purpose it in to a wine glass holder. The old rustic look will be obtained depending on the type of rake head you use.

Can’t find one in your garage or the hardware store? Check out second hand stores and yard sales, you may be able to score an already rustic looking one without having to do anything but wash it. Alternatively you can paint it to give it that coppery, rustic finish. Fans of clean lines may cringe at the notion, but you have to admit it’s functional. What do you think? Something you’d do in your kitchen, or too country for you? Share your thoughts in the comments.