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Meet Jennifer Buffington, Partner

Jennifer_B-1-1I’ve been in the mortgage industry and working at Spurr Mortgage for 25 years and one of the most interesting things that I have noticed is that about three minutes into a normal loan application over the phone or web I know a lot about a new client. Social Security #, Name, Profession, Address, and Marital Status just to name a few! All of that information before meeting in person and shaking hands?  This is just one thing that makes the Loan Officer-Borrower relationship a very unique interpersonal association—one where trust is extremely important.

I have always tried to do mortgages in a friendlier way, because after all most of you are my friends and neighbors so I figured it would be good and neighborly to share some information about myself so you can learn a little more about the person who asks for all of your information before even meeting for coffee.

I have been married to my wonderful and supportive husband, Carl, for 15 years. We have three beautiful children:  Phoebe, Eddie, and our 2 year old Madeleine. They are my true inspiration. They understand that “Mommy helps people get money to buy homes!” I often find Maddie playing loan officer with her calculator and Barbie phone. The other two seem to have better social calendars then their mother, not sure how this happened?  I have been with Spurr Mortgage since 1990, and although I have climbed the ladder to become a Partner in the Company, I still write loans every day because it is one of the things that drives me as a person, and I love the personal interaction that helping people with loans entails!

I began at Spurr Mortgage in 1990 with the help of our President Harold Spurr. We are one of the few companies in the mortgage industry that have made it through some recent tough times. We have not only survived but we have excelled despite an increasingly tough home loan market. I believe that one reason for our success is the fact that we have built a quality reputation for ourselves in the local area, and we are very involved in our community. We have a different perspective on the mortgages that we write. In fact it’s a perspective that many of my colleagues at other companies would laugh at—at Spurr Mortgage we don’t “sell loans, we help people through the loan process”.  We help customers with more than just conventional loans; in fact we have made a name for ourselves in Oklahoma by specializing in First Mortgages, Home Repair loans, Rural Development loans, VA and FHA loans.  We are especially proud of our 100% No Down Payment  Land loan.

I wouldn’t be able to go to work every day if it were only to sell loans, rather I am able to come in each morning with enthusiasm and spry because I get excited about building new relationships and helping the people I meet navigate the often difficult home financing process.

Navigating the home buying process can be tough for anyone! That is why at Spurr we are always happy to sit down with you and help you with the ins and outs of your home buying journey, not just your loan! Because at Spurr Mortgage we are more than a loan company, we are your neighbors.

Neighbors help each other, give me a call to talk!

Jennifer Buffington
Partner and Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: (405) 348-9919
Cell: (405) 201-4829


License NMLS 265118  OK MLO 04935